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Frequent questions

1. You want to order a kitchen, and you wonder how this process works.

At Cocinas Plus, we can work in two different ways. You can either bring your plans to our stores in La Cala de Mijas or Marbella and give all the information to one of our designers to carry out a complete kitchen project. Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment at your home so that one of our designers can measure the space and give you ideas for your future kitchen.

2. You have bought a kitchen, what are the next steps?

You don't have to worry about anything. The designer who handled your kitchen will coordinate with the transport and installation teams to inform you of every step of the process until the project is completed.




3. I have bought a kitchen, but I still want to make changes. it's possible?

No changes can be made once the kitchen is shipped from the factory.

4 Can I use my old appliances for my new kitchen?

If you want to use your old electrical appliances, it is necessary to indicate this to your salesperson when making the design to respect the measurements and gaps of future furniture.

5. How and when do I pay for the kitchen?

The payment method for your kitchen is as follows: 1-50% to order such a kitchen in Germany. 2-50% one week before the delivery of the material to the address.

6. How will I be informed about the delivery of the kitchen?

Our transport and installation department will inform you of the delivery of your kitchen (day and time) in the necessary time.

7. What do I need to prepare before receiving the kitchen?

Prior to delivery of your kitchen, our facilities team will review whether all necessary changes to the proper installation of said kitchen have been completed (if necessary).

8. How long does it take to configure the kitchen?

The elaboration of a kitchen design takes 3-4 days

9. Will the kitchen be installed the same day it is delivered?

Depending on the availability of our assemblers, we will organize deliveries and assembly. We may deliver your kitchen a few days before your assembly team is available to start your project.

10. What are the warranty conditions for electrical appliances?

The guarantee of electrical appliances purchased at Cocinas Plus is 3 years.

11. What are the guarantee conditions of the kitchen?

The guarantee of our kitchens is 10 years.

12- Can you also provide construction service?

We do not provide construction services. But we can recommend companies to make the necessary changes in the kitchen.

13-Do you also make bathrooms and lounges?

We do indeed have a catalog of furniture and accessories for bathrooms/living rooms and wardrobes.