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Quality made in Germany, perfect processing, individualised customer service and good value for money are cocinasplus success factors. The nobilia range offers a wide spectrum. From modern to trendy, classical and timeless through to the Mediterranean cottages style - cocinasplus kitchens cover about 80 percent of the market. From the smallest to the most complex kitchen, for those of you on a budget and others who wish to spend that extra bit more, CocinasPlus can help you.

  • When it comes time to remodelling your outdated kitchen or designing a kitchen for your new home - choosing the right cabinets, lighting, best appliances and together with ensuring the practicality and ergonomics are right for your kitchen can be a daunting task.
  • The kitchen is so much more than a collection of units and electrical goods, if the kitchen looks good and works well – it makes you smile, feel proud and happy to be home.
  • We at Cocinasplus make the process much simpler and together with our inspiring Showroom displaying over 30 different designs, all under one roof, a joy.

John Lauth

Design Director

Initially, we will have a chat about your ideas and thoughts, getting a feel of your wishes. Following this we will arrange an appointment to visit your home and take all the measurements of your kitchen; armed with this and your thoughts, requirements and wishes, we will create a design for your ideal “Cocina” from our wide range.

Once we have designed a layout we will ask you to come in and discuss the design. Our advanced 3D computer design system allows the kitchen to be viewed from all angles as if it is in your home; at the click of a few buttons we can change colours, units, move or add cupboards, add or remove an appliance, change the lighting or try a different worktop - simple. Seeing the 3D rotating pictures in front of you just opens up new ideas and your new kitchen seems to develop naturally thereafter.

The choice of appliances on the market is enormous, from cheap and cheerful to the outlandish, again with our extensive knowledge we can ease the agony of deciding on which oven, hob, extractor etc to choose, just by discussing with you, what an appliance needs to do.

Once a design is accepted, the kitchen is ordered from Nobilia where it is manufactured to the German quality everybody expects and dispatched to us. Each unit is fully assembled including the doors (no flat packs and ill-fitting units); all fully fitted within 6-8 weeks. For those of you that DIY, once the kitchen arrives, just pick up the kitchen and away you go.

We will find exactly what you are looking for at the right price so come on down and have a chat; there is no obligation or cost.

We look forward to meeting you.


Jeremy Fernández

Kitchen Designer

Marina Orgaeva

Kitchen Designer

Andrés Rincon

Kitchen Designer

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